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Power® | Hybrid Overlap APEX Shed

POWER® HYBRID OVERLAP APEX Sheds come in 27x sizes, all with FREE express delivery, 10-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee!
Base Kit 4x4 (+£64.00)
Base Kit 4x6 (+£114.00)
Base Kit 4x8 (+£134.00)
Base Kit 6x4 (+£114.00)
Base Kit 6x6 (+£134.00)
Base Kit 6x8 (+£154.00)
Base Kit 8x4 (+£124.00)
Base Kit 8x6 (+£144.00)
Base Kit 8x8 (+£189.00)
Base Kit 10x4 (+£154.00)
Base Kit 10x6 (+£189.00)
Base Kit 10x8 (+£209.00)
Base Kit 12x4 (+£174.00)
Base Kit 12x6 (+£209.00)
Base Kit 12x8 (+£254.00)
Base Kit 14x4 (+£209.00)
Base Kit 14x6 (+£254.00)
Base Kit 14x8 (+£274.00)
Base Kit 16x4 (+£229.00)
Base Kit 16×6 (+£274.00)
Base Kit 16×8 (+£319.00)
Base Kit 18×4 (+£274.00)
Base Kit 18×6 (+£319.00)
Base Kit 18×8 (+£339.00)
Base Kit 20x4 (+£294.00)
Base Kit 20x6 (+£339.00)
Base Kit 20x8 (+£374.00)



The Power® Hybrid Overlap Apex Shed gives all the benefits of tongued an groove, combined with the price of an overlap shed. This British-made shed is made using high grade Scandinavian timber, and unlike most manufacturers, this overlap shed features a premier T&G floor, roof and door, a 10-year guarantee! and FAST, FREE DELIVERY.

This Power® Hybrid Overlap Apex Shed comes with non-tear roofing felt, extra high wall height, pre-fitted toughened glass windows (or windowless if you prefer), however the most appealing feature of this shed is the wide range of door and window layouts available… allowing you to create the perfect shed for your needs.

This popular shed is available in 27x sizes & hundreds of combinations, with a choice of single or double doorYOU HAVE THE POWER!


  • HYBRID Overlap & T&G Shed
  • 10mm thick wall cladding (20mm thick where overlapped)
  • 40mm overlap to minimise movement
  • Premier 12mm T&G ROOF, FLOOR, & DOOR
  • Tall 187cm high internal eaves gives plenty headroom inside
  • Easy assembly c/w fastenings, simple instructions, & instructional videos are available too
  • Pre-fitted toughened safety glass windows, or ‘windowless’ option available at no additional charge
  • 3x zinc galvanized T-hinges and diagonal framing on doors for extra strength and longevity
  • High performance roofing felt with advanced ‘polyester’ backing ensuring it lasts longer and doesn’t tear easily
  • Pre-fitted internal lock with 1x key (no padlock required)
  • Advanced exterior wood preservative with wax additive meaning you don’t have to re-treat your shed for at least a year

Quality Construction

Hybrid Overlap Apex sheds are constructed using high quality, slow growing Scandinavian Pine with 10mm boarding on the walls (doubling to 20mm on the 40mm overlap), 12mm T&G roof, floor AND door. Please note that NO chipboard, OSB or low-grade timber is used in the construction of this building. Power® Sheds supplied pre-treated with an eco-friendly 1-year preservative basecoat (inside & outside) at no extra charge, so unlike other brands, you won’t have to paint it straight away.

Plenty of framing (28x28mm) is used internally, and it’s doubled at key points throughout the shed and corners giving a combined thickness of 56x28mm for extra strength. For security, a rim-lock c/w mortice key is fitted internally, so there’s need need to buy a padlock. High quality, non-tear polyester backed roofing felt is supplied to keep the roof watertight.



Modular Flexibility

Power® buildings have a modular design, so whether you go for an overlap apex shed, a pent summerhouse, or a potting shed, the panels can be positioned anywhere you like, enabling you to design the perfect door/wall/window setup for you. Just choose whether you want to have it with windows or windowless, and with a single or double door, then you can interchange all panels. Some examples of different door positions are shown on an apex shed below.


Door Position 1Door Position 2Door Position 3Door Position 4Door Position 5Door Change to Double Door


This overlap apex shed is supplied pre-treated with a long-lasting, brown (golden oak), non-toxic preservative base coat. Each panel is treated inside and out, and includes the end grain and cut-outs. This is a premium waxed preservative, allowing you to use the shed straight away. There is no need to paint for the first year, but you can change the colour or over-paint at any time if you prefer.

Doors, Locking System & Windows

The doors on this overlap apex shed are great… they are fitted with heavy framing complete with diagonal bracing to stop sagging, they can be hinged on the left or right side, they are fitted internally with a rim-lock c/w mortice key for convenience, and have an easy grab handle. Non-rusting, zinc galvanised t-hinges, and two turn-buttons are supplied as standard on either a 750mm (30″) wide single door, or a 1034mm (40″) wide double door.

Windows are made from strong, secure toughened safety glass, and they are pre-fitted so there’s no need to handle glass at all. Alternatively, this shed can be supplied ‘windowless’ if you prefer.




This overlap apex shed is supplied with integral under-floor bearers, designed to go onto an existing solid base made from concrete, slabs, or decking, however if you don’t have anything in place, you can add a Power® Base Kit option. They are pressure-treated, and are fitted below the shed to create a solid base for your shed to sit on, whilst allowing ventilation below your building.

For extra storage, you can choose timber wall shelf kits, and for convenience you can purchase additional keys.


Power Base FramePower Base on SoilPower Base with FloorShelvingShelving


Even though this is an overlap apex shed, it’s considerably better quality than most other manufacturers’ budget sheds. This model has a long lifespan, and it comes with a manufacturers’ 10-Year Warranty. We recommend that you assemble the building on a solid, free-draining base, with at least 60cm free space all around for maintenance and to avoid splash back. You should treat all exposed sections with a high quality preservative every year in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

Please ensure that regular general maintenance is carried out on all moving parts, and inspect the roofing felt regularly (especially before and after storms), and replace when required.

All products are delivered sectional/flat-packed to kerbside unless stated otherwise. Information shown above has been supplied by the manufacturer, and is as accurate as possible (errors and omissions excepted), however they are intended only as a guide. *The free delivery service covers most of mainland Scotland, England & Wales, however delivery to Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, offshore islands, and remote rural areas will be subject to an additional charge. Unopened pallets can be uplifted free of charge if you change your mind.