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FINLANDIC Reindeer Hides

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Traditional Finnish & Russian Reindeer Hides from the nomadic Sámi people of northern Scandinavia. Each reindeer skin is ethically sourced & sustainable.


FINLANDIC™ Reindeer Hides

Genuine Reindeer Hides look beautiful indoors as wall, floor or furniture decorations, or outside on a wall, bench or chair, as well as being used to cover inside of log cabins, on walls, floors and seats. Each skin is unique with luxurious markings and super soft fur. The hollow hair means they are perfect for heat efficiency. Reindeer Hides are traditionally harvested then salted in the Sami villages EU Certified abattoir and tanned in the finest modern tannery of its kind.

We can supply various qualities of reindeer hide, and they are graded as follows: 

  • Good: Economy Finnish reindeer skins, with some light shedding. They will be moderately mis-shapen, and there will be multiple holes, scarring or bald patches… perfect for that authentic rugged look!
  • Best: These top quality reindeer skins are the best Finnish hides you can purchase. There is no evidence of shedding, however there may be an occasional hole which can be seen from behind or there may be a small scar or bald patch.
  • Premium: Take them while they are available, as we don’t always have them! These date-stamped and certified Russian reindeer hides are the very best availableeven better quality than the best Finnish Reindeer hides! They are slightly darker than the Finnish hides, and have no evidence of shedding, holes, or insect scarring.


Traditional Sami Reindeer Hides

Reindeer Hides are synonymous with BBQ Huts, primarily because they were used by the nomadic Sámi people to create the walls and roofs for their traditional nomadic huts. The Sámi people are reindeer herders originating from the fells of Sweden, Norway and spreading to Finland and Russia in rhythm with the seasons. Their reindeer provide them with meat, milk and raw materials for clothes and tools, and are still important today to the Sámi peoples existence and culture. Their lifestyle ensures that reindeer hides are an Eco-Friendly and sustainable product, and every Reindeer hide sold benefits the Sami people.