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A1 Sheds Pre-Install Checklist

IMPORTANT: Please check your invoice carefully and make sure all details are correct (i.e. door position, colour etc.), as your building cannot be changed at a later date. IF CORRECT, PLEASE ENSURE THAT THIS FORM IS COMPLETED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO AVOID SUBSTANTIAL DELAYS.
  • Please enter your name , (or if applicable) any company name, establishment, or organisation.
  • Please enter the delivery postcode where we'll be installing your building.
  • Please enter any reference number we have provided you with i.e. online order reference, quote, or invoice number.
  • Please bear in mind that new properties may not be listed yet, and rural areas may have a large area covered by the same postcode. Please let us know (at the end of the check-list) if we require special directions.
  • Please ensure that we can get our vehicle close to your site to unload. Permits must be issued where appropriate, and metered parking will be chargeable. Additional charges may be levied if your site is an excessive distance from the closest parking area.
  • Buildings come in lots of sizes, however many have large panels (sometimes over 2.5m high) that won't fit through an average doorway. Please check that terraced houses, gateways, archways, and any other restrictions aren't going to be a problem. Our delivery teams won't take sections over fences, walls, up steep slopes, through houses, or carry them excessive distances without prior arrangement. If available, this service may incur an additional charge, and we wouldn't be liable for any accidental damage that may occur.
  • Remember to cut back overhanging tree branches to leave enough headroom to accommodate the building.
  • In most cases, we require a minimum of 2ft (60cm) on all sides to assemble your building correctly, however we may be able to manage with less. Please let us know if any sides have less than this.
  • IMPORTANT: A suitable flat, firm, level base is essential, and must be ready before the assembly team arrives (unless we are providing a base for you of course). Concrete, paving slabs, and decking are suitable for most buildings (inc. wood, plastic, metal etc.). Plastic grids, timber frame or battens are really only suitable for wooden sheds or summerhouses. If we are fitting a timber frame foundation, please ensure that the area is clear of obstacles, tree roots, and underground utilities such as water pipes, sewerage, electricity cables etc.
  • Your purchase is a long-term investment, however once assembled, we aren't able to guarantee it against any issues outside of our control (e.g. storm damage). For increased longevity, we recommend choosing the best specification you can, therefore you may wish to consider upgrading to thicker walls, stronger framing, premium roof coverings etc... please let us know if you'd like us to check and see if something is available. Also, we recommend that you contact your insurance provider and add your new building to your existing policy, as this will give you additional peace-of-mind, especially during extreme weather conditions.
  • The vast majority of timber buildings we sell come with a factory applied basecoat, however to comply with the manufacturers warranty, they will also require a preservative or waterproof top-coat AFTER assembly. Additional treatment can be purchased separately if required.
  • Please let us know if there are any DATES THAT WE SHOULD AVOID during the next few weeks (e.g. if you are going away on holiday), however you should be aware that any dates entered here are LIKELY TO DELAY your delivery.
  • If you've answered NO to any of the previous questions, or if there are any other possible issues, then please let us know below. Please note that this an automated form, therefore DON'T ASK US ANY SPECIFIC QUESTIONS HERE, instead you should email us at [email protected].
  • Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a confirmation email when we receive it. IMPORTANT: PLEASE ONLY COMPLETE THIS FORM ONCE... if you have to amend any information, please email us at [email protected] instead.
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Pre-Installation Form

We want you to be happy with your purchase, so it’s important that things go smoothly. For instance: we don’t want to arrive at your property to find that we can’t get the panels into your garden, or that your base isn’t suitable or hasn’t been cleared, therefore completing this form will highlight any potential issues before they become expensive problems. In almost all cases, we are able to accommodate your requirements if we are made aware of them before we arrive on-site.

If we aren’t able to deliver your building due to access issues, or install due to base or site issues, then we’ll leave your building (where appropriate) for you to install yourself, and an aborted installation charge may follow. We may be able to arrange a return visit once your issues have been rectified, however there would be a minimum charge of 10% of the total building cost (or the full costs to us including handling, transportation and installation, whichever is higher). Please note that there could be return handling and storage charges if we have to take your building back and/or hold your building for an excessive period. Any charges are payable prior to the subsequent visit being made.

What happens if we are unable to deliver your item?

If we are unable to deliver or install your shed due to access or site issues, then we’ll leave your item for you to establish yourself. We may be able to arrange a return visit once your problems have been rectified; however, there would be a minimum charge of 10% of the total building cost. Please note that there could be return handling and storage charges if we need to take your building back and hold your structure for an excessive period.

Check your form carefully to avoid delays

With over 40 years of experience in the garden buildings industry, A1 Sheds understand how crucial it is to check your pre-installation form carefully and make sure all details are correct (i.e. door position, colour, etc.), as your building cannot be changed after manufacture. If your details are accurate, please ensure that this form is completed as soon as possible to avoid possible substantial delays in delivery and installation of your shed.
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