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Jotun VISIR® CLEAR UV Primer

Jotun Visir® Clear Oil Primer is a high-performance, solvent-based, tough, durable preservative. Specially made as a basecoat for all Jotun woodstains. Perfect for sheds, summerhouses, cladding, and all exterior timber. Available 2 sizes: 2.7L & 9L.

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Jotun Visir® Oil Primer Clear UV is a high quality, water repellent wood primer that contains powerful fungicides against wood rotting fungi, and film fungicides to protect against surface moulds. Jotun Visir® Clear is an oil/solvent-based primer which binds loose wood fibres on bare timber, proving a great surface for further treatments such as Jotun Demidekk®. Jotun Visir® Clear contains added UV filters designed to protect your woodwork from sunlight and dangerous UV light.

Jotun Visir® Clear strengthens the surface of the timber, protects against mould and rot, and makes it water repellent, giving extended life and durability to the Jotun coatings system. Jotun Visir® Clear is a solvent-bourne product, and significantly extends the life and maintenance intervals of your exterior woodwork.

Jotun Visir® Clear should be used before applying translucent or opaque woodstains on all new or aged (weathered) external woodwork, including pressure-impregnated (Tanalised®) wood.



  • High performance preservative primer
  • Oil based
  • UV protection
  • Water repellent
  • Suitable for use with Jotun Demidekk® and any other good quality woodstain
  • Can be used in low temperatures below +5°c
  • Touch dry in 8-hours
  • Suitable for use on new or weathered timber (including pressure-treated Tanalised® timber)

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Jotun Visir® Clear Primer is suitable for use on all exterior joinery including: new woodwork, pressure-impregnated (Tanalised) timber, and previously painted woodwork (weathered). Available in 1L , 2.7L and 9L tins.

Coverage: 1 Litre will cover 12-16m² (smooth wood) or 4-7m² (sawn wood) per coat.


Thinning: Do not thin.

Drying Time: 8hrs (touch dry), can be re-coated after 24hrs. Times based upon +23 °C, but dependent on temperature and humidity this can be less.

You can download the technical data sheet here:

Jotun Visir® Clear Technical Data Sheet



Jotun Visir® Clear will be boxed and delivered to your door within 3-5 working days. There is a £9.99 delivery charge to most of the UK mainland, however remote and offshore areas will be subject to a surcharge. Please call before ordering.

Note: This paint/preservative is ordered specially, therefore we are unable to accept returns under any circumstances. Please ensure that you order the correct quantity for your requirements.