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Palram Canopia®| 8x12 Balance™ Greenhouse (Silver)

SKU: 701925
The Palram - Canopia® Balance® 8x12 Greenhouse is a large, yet great value-for-money greenhouse. It has a smart, clean, design, and is easy to assemble and use. The Palram - Canopia® Balance® Greenhouse comes with a manufacturers 5-year warranty. Fast delivery from stock... click here for the latest up-to-date Palram - Canopia® Stock levels.


Palram – Canopia® 8×12 Balance™ Greenhouse (Silver)

The Palram – Canopia® Balance™ Greenhouse features virtually unbreakable Crystal Clear Polycarbonate panels on the walls for over 90% light transmission, and opaque twin-wall polycarbonate panels in the roof. This greenhouse has rust-resistant aluminium framing, and a FREE galvanised steel base for strength. The Palram – Canopia Balance Greenhouse comes with double doors, no-clip sliding panel assembly, and are maintenance-free. Available in several sizes from 8×8 – 8×20, and is manufactured in silver, grey or green. A range of accessories are available for you to customize your greenhouse.


  • Fast delivery from stock (you can view the full up-to-date Palram – Canopia® Stock levels here)
  • Extra-high headroom for improved work space
  • Threshold ramp suitable for wheelbarrows or wheelchairs
  • Highly resistant, wide, transparent, and safe greenhouse (with Fine Shield Technology™)
  • The greenhouse combines two types of glazing for Balance™ light exposure
  • The greenhouse panels provide up to 100% protection from harmful sun rays (UV)
  • Life-time resilient polycarbonate plastic walls; do not fracture, turn yellow or opacify over time
  • Reinforced, non-rusting, robust aluminium structure
  • Clean-lined and functional design, developed for optimal use of the greenhouse interior space
  • Built-to-last thanks to outstandingly durable materials (200x stronger than glass)
  • Maintenance-free greenhouse
  • Protects your plants from the elements so that you can enjoy an extended growing period


Quality Construction

The Palram – Canopia Balance Greenhouse has a non-rust aluminium frame with a strong galvanised steel base for durability. The hybrid glazing has twin-wall polycarbonate on the roof for strength and heat retention, along with single-wall crystal clear polycarbonate on the walls which is 200x stronger than its glass equivalent. It is very light, easy to handle, and completely safe. The polycarbonate is held in place using a sliding panel assembly feature, no clips required! DIY installation is easy due to the straightforward step-by-step assembly instructions. The manufacturer offers a 5-Year warranty on this model.


Palram-Canopia Greenhouse Gutter Palram-Canopia Greenhouse Support Palram-Canopia Greenhouse Base Palram-Canopia Crystal Clear Glazing Palram-Canopia Twin-wall Polycarbonate Roof Vent Palram-Canopia Slip-in Polycarbonate Design

Maintenance Free

The Palram – Canopia Balance greenhouse is designed to be 100% maintenance-free. The aluminium frame and galvanised steel base won’t rot, and the polycarbonate glazing is virtually unbreakable.



A 6’5″ full height double door is fitted to the gable of the greenhouse. A low wheelbarrow ramp/threshold provides easy access.

Straight-forward Assembly

These buildings are supplied in a flat-pack modular design with small, lightweight pieces allowing for easy transportation through your house or garage! Assembly is straight-forward for the competent DIY’er, and no professional experience is necessary.

Optional Extras

You can accessorize them to your own requirements. You can purchase shelving, steel benches, auto-vents, shade kits and plant hangers to finish it off perfectly if required.