Power® | Additional Shed Door (upgrade)

POWER® SHED DOOR | Single or Double Door (Upgrade) Power® Additional Door must be ordered with a Power® Shed, or Summerhouse, and it will replace a blank panel on your building. These doors are suitable for Apex or Pent buildings.


POWER® Additional Shed Door Panel (upgrade*)

Power® Additional Shed Door Panel Upgrade is a suitable additional for most Power® Apex & Pent Sheds, Summerhouses and Potting Sheds. This door is fitted with heavy framing complete with diagonal bracing to stop sagging, they can be hinged on the left or right side, they are fitted internally with a rim-lock c/w mortice key for convenience, and have an easy grab handle. Non-rusting, zinc galvanised t-hinges, and two turn-buttons are supplied as standard on either a 750mm (30″) wide single door, or a 1034mm (40″) wide double door.

IMPORTANT : Additional Shed Doors can only be ordered at the same time as ordering a Power® Shed, or Summerhouse, and it will *replace a blank panel on your building.

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