Power® | Additional Shed Windows (upgrade)

POWER® SHED WINDOWS | 4ft wide Panel (Upgrade) Power® Additional Windows must be ordered with a Power® Shed, or Summerhouse, and it will replace a blank panel on your building. Suitable for Apex and Pent models.


POWER® Additional Shed Window Panel (upgrade*)

Power® Additional Shed Window Panel Upgrade is suitable for most Power® Apex & Pent sheds. The window panel comprises of 2x panes of toughened glass (610x457mm) pre-fitted onto a 4ft (120cm) wide panel. The panel is treated with matching preservative inside and out, and it’s fitted with heavy framing complete with diagonal bracing.

IMPORTANT : The additional Shed Window panel can only be ordered at the same time as ordering a Power® Shed, and it will *replace a blank panel on your building.

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