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*Lotus™ Sheds lead time is currently about 1-2 weeks for most parts of Britain. This lead time applies to in-stock items only. Please check here for current stock levels of your preferred shed, as the lead time for back-order items is from the UK import date.


LOTUS | Populus Pop Up Portable Fabric Shed™

The Lotus Populus Pop Up Fabric Shed is a great storage building if you aren't ready to commit to a permanent garden building. It is available in a range of size options, to suit your needs. The Lotus Populus ™ has a wide roll-up door, removable rear panel and a tie down straps and anchor kit included giving you a strong spacious temporary storage space.


Lotus Populus Pop Up Portable Fabric Shed™

The Populus Pop Up Portable Fabric Shed™ is a great short term solution for garden storage. This waterproof fabric apex shed is fast to put up, can be moved whenever you like, and creates a large temporary storage space.  The Populus™ is made with strong steel framing with a durable polypropylene covering.

This shed is supplied with ratchet-straps to keep the cover tight, and an auger kit for fastening into the ground. A roll-up door with a zip fastening will keep your items out of sight. This Populus Shed™ is easy to assemble, and will not require annual maintenance or painting.


  • Approximate sizes 6×6 – 12×20* (see metric sizes below)
  • Fast delivery from stock (view the full up-to-date Stock levels)
  • Galvanised steel frame
  • Ripstop, waterproof, anti-UV Polyethylene walls & roof
  • Ratchet straps to keep the cover tight
  • Auger anchoring kit included
  • Removable rear panel
  • Can be repositioned quickly
  • Roll-up door with zip fastening


Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any queries regarding the dimensions, or if you require exact sizes.

Lotus Populus  Fabric Shed™ Ref. No. Ext. Wall Size (mm) Ext. Height (mm) Min. Base Size (mm) Roll-up Door (mm) Colour
Width Depth Eaves Ridge Width Depth Width Height Main Trim
6×6* 32707 1830 1830 n/a 1800 1830 1830 1260 1450 Grey Grey
10×10* 32708 3050 3050 n/a 2400 3050 3050 2300 1900 Grey Grey
12×20* 32715 3650 6100 n/a 2400 3650 6100 2850 1900 Grey Grey


NOTE: This building must be fastened down using the auger fixings and ratchet straps supplied.