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Restol Wood Oil Red Cedar offers all year round protection. It contains an active UV filter that preserves the colour and forms a protective layer.

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Restol Wood Oil Red Cedar is multifunctional. From fencing to garden furniture, from summerhouses to verandas and from bridges to decking, Restol™ Wood Oil is suitable for all your external wood. It offers the perfect protection, all year round, and contains an active UV filter that preserves the colour. Restol™ Wood Oil also forms a protective layer against moisture: droplets stay on the surface of the wood rather than penetrating it. You get a durable and beautiful finish!

Restol Red Cedar Wood Oil is also available in many colours and is suitable for all your external wood: from garden chairs to verandas and from summerhouses to decking. With more than eighteen colours in the range, there is always a colour to suit your needs. All you have to do now is choose! Apply Restol today and start enjoying the end result straight away!

Restol™ Wood Oil is easy to apply and quick-drying. Sanding is not normally required. Your garden and external wood will look like new again in less than a morning’s work!

Red Cedar Information

Restol Red Cedar wood oil replicates the beautiful colour of autumn leaves in the sunlight. Used in combination with Restol™ Redwood, this colour is great for accentuating the warmth of red hardwood and pine. This colour also works particularly well against pale backgrounds.

Restol Red Cedar on untreated wood:
Restol Red Cedar on untreated wood: - Restol

Restol Red Cedar on impregnated wood:
Restol Red Cedar on impregnated wood: - Restol
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Restol™ General Information Leaflet
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Restol™ How To Apply

Easy to Apply


Applying Restol™ Wood Oil is easy: apply today and start enjoying the end result straight away!

Maintenance with Restol™

Hardwood and untreated wood are often more susceptible to weathering and ageing than impregnated wood. Therefore we recommend that the wood is inspected periodically.

Restol™ Provides Long Lasting Protection


Restol™ Wood Oil is based on natural (vegetable) linseed oils, making external wood water-repellent and weather-resistant. It protects your external wood for years to come. Take a look for yourself at the adjacent example of wood that has been used as a façade for 4 years. The left half is untreated, while the right half has been treated with Restol™ Wood Oil.

Special Types of Wood

Restol™ Wood Oil is suitable for all types of wood. Treatment and the end result will depend on the type of wood in question. Whether it is Bangkirai, Teak, Iroko, Western Red Cedar or Merbau, there is always a solution to hand.


bescherming_zon Protection against the sun bescherming_vocht Protection against moisture bescherming_vergrijzing Protection against ageing
waterafstotend1 Water-repellent schuren_niet_nodig No sanding required kwast_roller_spuit For brush, roller and spray
4_uur_droog Touch-dry in 4 to 6 hours zijdeglans Silk finish max16 Max. 12-16 m2 coverage per litre

NOTE: Restol™ Wood Oil is ordered & mixed specially. The manufacturer can accept the return unused tins if surplus to requirements, although a re-stocking charge of £3.99 per tin will apply. We are unable to refund return carriage costs in these circumstances, therefore please ensure that you order the appropriate quantity for your requirements. Unfortunately we cannot accept unauthorised returns.