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Palram SkyLight DECO Apex Shed 6x8 (Grey)

The Palram SkyLight DECO Apex Shed 6x8 (Grey) by RGP is a hard wearing, long-lasting, polycarbonate plastic storage shed. It comes with a unique semi-translucent roof which lets in daylight so you can see clearly inside.

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Palram SkyLight DECO Apex Shed 6×8 (Grey)

Palram SkyLight DECO Apex Shed 6×8 (Grey) were designed, developed and built to last; made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels reinforced with a non-rust aluminium frame for high durability and strength. Palram SkyLight DECO Apex Shed 6×8 (Grey) do not fracture, withstanding extreme weather conditions such as hail & high temperatures.

A unique feature of this shed is its Polycarbonate Skylight roof. The innovative roof panels transmit natural light throughout the day while having an opaque external visibility for maximum privacy and block the harmful UV rays; there is no need for expensive and vulnerable windows or unsafe electric lights. The Palram SkyLight DECO Apex Shed 6×8 (Grey) is manufactured in several sizes from 6×3 to 6×12, and in several colours, however not all models are available in the UK.


  • Fast delivery from stock (view the full up-to-date RGP Stock levels)
  • 10-year manufacturers warranty
  • Highly resistant, sunlight safe polycarbonate storage shed kits (features Fine Shield Technology™)
  • 100% maintenance-free, virtually unbreakable, high impact, 100% UV protected polycarbonate
  • Anti-slip floor to keep supplies dry and protected
  • Easy access ramp for wheelie bins, wheelbarrows and lawnmowers
  • Reversible decorative double doors
  • Lockable latch
  • Front and back air vents
  • Exclusive SkyLight™ roof transmits natural light during the day yet keeps opaque
  • Quick ‘Easy-Slide’ system for simple wall and roof panel assembly
  • Illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions for clear installation process
  • Life-time resilient polycarbonate plastic walls; do not fracture, discolour or become brittle over time
  • Special roofing lets natural sunlight in a while maintaining opacity for maximum privacy
  • Strong, rust-free aluminium structure
  • Made with 100% recyclable components


Flexible & Super Strong

Palram SkyLight DECO Apex Shed 6×8 (Grey) panels are flexible and super strong. The polycarbonate used is one of the strongest materials available, as you can see from the video below:


Quality Construction

Palram SkyLight DECO Apex Shed 6×8 (Grey) Polycarbonate panels are made from the strongest materials available on the market. Polycarbonate sheets are flexible and very easy to carry, yet retain high quality and strength for many years, without changing its colour or shape. It is very light, easy to handle, and completely safe. DIY installation is easy due to the straightforward step-by-step assembly instructions.

The manufacturer offers a 10-Year warranty on this model, however despite coming with a padbolt (ready to accept a padlock), this shed isn’t really designed to be highly secure, therefore you should consider additional security measures if storing valuable items.


Maintenance Free

Palram SkyLight DECO Apex Shed 6×8 (Grey) are maintenance free and washable. Unlike wooden or metal sheds that may be damaged from rust, rot, peel, colour fading and excessive weather wear and tear, Palram SkyLight DECO Apex Shed 6×8 (Grey) require zero attention and are cost effective no painting or surface treatment are needed.


6ft and 8ft wide Palram Canopia® SkyLight™ sheds are fitted with double doors as standard. 4ft wide models are fitted with a single door is fitted to the gable of the shed, and can be hinged to the right or the left depending on your preference.

Straight-forward Assembly

These buildings are supplied in a flat-pack modular design with small, lightweight pieces allowing for easy transportation through your house or garage! Assembly is straight-forward for the competent DIY’er, and no professional experience is necessary.


The Palram SkyLight DECO Apex Shed 6×8 (Grey) is a plastic shed with a padbolt ready to accept a padlock (not supplied), however this shed isn’t designed to be highly secure. If you intend to store high value items, we recommend that additional security measures are in place.

Optional Extras

The Palram SkyLight DECO Apex Shed 6×8 (Grey) are supplied as a basic sheds, however you can add a storage shelf if required.


Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any queries regarding the dimensions, or if you require exact sizes.

Palram DECO Skylight™ Ref. No. Size (mm) Height (mm) Single Door (mm) Load Strength Volume
Width Depth Ridge Eaves Width Height Snow Wind (m3)
4×6 Grey Apex PLSKY46GD 1210 1768 2030 1745 660 1710 75kg/m² 90km/hr 3.4
6×3 Grey Apex PLSKY63GD 1854 902 2170 1745 660 1710 75kg/m² 90km/hr 2.8
6×8 Grey Apex PLSKY68GD 1854 2286 2170 1745 660 1710 75kg/m² 90km/hr 3.4
6×10 Grey Apex PLSKY610GD 1854 3036 2170 1745 660 1710 75kg/m² 90km/hr 3.4
6×12 Grey Apex PLSKY612GD 1854 3786 2170 1745 660 1710 75kg/m² 90km/hr 3.4


NOTE: Unlike traditional wooden sheds, Palram Canopia® SkyLight™ Polycarbonate sheds are made from flexible wall panels which are designed to bend and deflect impacts. This is a feature of this type of shed, therefore please be aware of this prior to ordering.