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Brentvale Premium 10x8 Metal Shed


The Brentvale Premium 10x8 Metal Shed (Metallic Grey) are high quality, low-maintenance metal garden buildings.

These hot-dipped galvanized steel apex sheds won't rust, and are rodent, fire and rot resistant.

  • Fast delivery (view the full up-to-date RGP Stock levels)
  • Extra-tall headroom inside
  • Reinforced triple-hinged double doors on 8ft side
  • Easy access over low threshold
  • Robust security locking system
  • High strength framing
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Walls are twice as thick as most metal sheds
  • Includes gutters with rainwater outlets
  • Opening window can go to either end
  • Low maintenance
  • Fire and rot resistant

Out of stock


Brentvale Premium 10×8 Metal Shed

The Brentvale Premium 10×8 Metal Shed is just one size in the high quality Rowlinson Brentvale Premium Shed range which has great strength and rigidity thanks to the use of heavier gauge hot-dipped galvanised steel used throughout. All the sheds in the Brentvale Premium range benefit from good headroom, with over 6ft high wall height in every shed. This gives you that bit extra storage space but makes the larger sheds in the range ideal for use as a workshop, especially in the larger models.

The double-doors and low threshold makes getting your items in and out of the Brentvale Premium 10×8 effortless, and the sturdy lever handles, security cylinder lock and lever locking mechanisms on the Brentvale Premium 10×8 will help to keep them safe. The built-in gutter system with downspouts at each corner make an excellent feature for easily diverting rainwater to a water butt, helping to save money and water waste.

Brentvale Premium Metal Apex Sheds are available in several popular sizes from 8×4 to 10×10, each available in metallic grey finish. The larger models come with a magnetic opening window that can be positioned on either gable, however the 8×4 is windowless.

The Brentvale Premium 10×8 Metal Shed is low maintenance, fire and rot resistant. All Brentvale metal sheds need to be fixed down onto a solid surface such as concrete or decking, as no floor is included.


  • Fast delivery from stock (view the full up-to-date RGP Stock levels)
  • Apex style roof
  • Extra-high walls are well over 6ft tall
  • Double doors with dual layer construction
  • Low threshold bar for easy access
  • Robust locking system with lever handle and security cylinder
  • High strength rust-proof steel frames
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel walls are up to twice as thick as standard metal sheds
  • Gutters and downspouts at each corner can easily divert rainwater into a water butt
  • Metallic grey paint finish
  • Low maintenance, fire and rot resistant
  • Door fitted to 8′ side only
  • Opening window with magnetic stay (not available on 8×4)
  • No floor inside this model


Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any queries regarding the dimensions, or if you require exact sizes.


Brentvale Premium Metal APEX Shed Ref. No. Ext. Dimensions (inc. roof) (mm) Door Opening (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm) Footprint (mm) Opening Windows
Width Depth Ridge Height Eaves Height Width Height Width Depth Min. Height Max. Height Width Depth Quantity
8×4 Metallic Grey BV84APX 2320 1130 2040 1883 1060 1780 2065 785 1900 1970 2110 820 0
8×6 Metallic Grey BV86APX 2320 1760 2150 1890 1060 1780 2065 785 1900 2040 2110 1470 1
10×8 Metallic Grey BV108APX 2960 2400 2200 1887 1060 1780 2705 2065 1900 2125 2750 2110 1
10×10 Metallic Grey BV1010APX 2960 3040 2280 1890 1060 1780 2705 2705 1900 2205 2750 2750 1

NOTE: Brentvale Premium Metal Apex Sheds™ must be fastened to a solid base (ideally concrete). These buildings don’t come with floors.

Metal panels have sharp edges and corners, therefore care must be taken when handling. To avoid injury, please use suitable gloves and eye protection during assembly or maintenance.

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