*Globel® Sheds lead time is currently about 1-2 weeks for most parts of Britain. This lead time applies to in-stock items only. Please check here for current stock levels of your preferred shed, as the lead time for back-order items is from the UK import date.


Globel® Lotus™ Apex 8x8 Steel Shed

Globel® 8x8 Lotus Apex Steel Shed (8ft wide) is a high quality, metal shed. It is coated with a maintenance-free 2-coat paint finish on top of 'hot-dipped' galvanised steel.

Hilti Anchor Kit

Timber Floor Kit

Skylight Panel


Globel® Lotus™ 8×8 Apex Steel Shed

The Globel® Lotus 8×8 Apex Steel Shed (8ft wide) is a high quality, cost-effective metal garden shed. All models in this range are supplied coated with a maintenance-free 2-coat paint finish on top of ‘hot-dipped’ galvanised steel. Lockable sliding doors are supplied as standard, and these steel sheds also feature vented gables to help combat condensation. They sheds are designed to have lasting good looks, and won’t crack or warp, and are designed with uncomplicated assembly in mind. They are rot proof and require only minimal maintenance. The Globel® shed range is supplied with the manufacturers 15-year limited warranty, and most are available in one main colour – Anthracite Grey.

Slate Grey


  • FREE delivery*
  • FREE 15-year warranty
  • Innovative simple, strong, design with fewer parts
  • Sliding double doors with large opening
  • High grade 0.3mm hot-dipped galvanised steel panels
  • Solid heavy gauge solid galvanised steel frame
  • Conforms to caravan & mobile home park regulations
  • Vented gables to reduce condensation
  • 178mm high walls
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Professional installation available

Globel Lotus Apex Shed


Quality Construction

Globel® metal sheds are made to a high standard from the longest lasting ‘hot-dipped’ galvanized steel with pre-painted panels, and are virtually maintenance free, All Globel® buildings come with a 15-year manufacturer’s limited warranty and lasting good looks. They won’t crack, rot or warp. The Globel® shed range doesn’t come with a floor as standard, but optional wooden floors are also available.

Vented GablesCorner BracesDoor GlideMetal Handles


The walls have been hot-dip galvanised and painted, both internally and externally, however they can be over-painted with a colour of your choice if required (specialist metal paint required). The internal framing has also been hot-dip zinc galvanised, and are made from solid heavy gauge steel. The Globel® steel shed range requires no maintenance other than the occasional cleaning of the main building and oiling of moving parts, which will ensure that your building lasts for many years.

Doors and Locking System

The Globel® Apex shed has internal sliding double doors as standard. Metal handles are designed to accept a padlock (not supplied) when both doors are closed together.

Straight-forward Assembly

Globel® metal sheds are supplied in flat-pack form with comprehensive assembly instructions. Metal sheds can be notoriously difficult to assemble, however this assembly is uncomplicated (only basic tools are required) and no professional experience is necessary. Normally 2 people can complete the job in 4-5 hours. A firm concrete base is recommended to make a sound job, however it can also be fitted to the optional steel foundation kit, or timber floor kit. Assembling your building yourself can be very satisfying and it has several advantages:- you probably won’t have to wait as long for delivery, you can assemble it on a day suitable to you, and you’ll save money! All sheds come with full assembly instructions, fixings and fastenings, but to give you a rough idea, here is an animated step-by-step assembly video.

Metal panels have sharp edges and corners, therefore care must be taken when handling. To avoid injury, please use suitable gloves and eye protection during assembly or maintenance.

Professional Assembly Option

Whilst this is predominantly a DIY product, we can also provide an installation service throughout most of the UK if required. We require clear access and a suitably prepared, firm, level base to be ready when the installers arrive.

Optional Extras

Optional extras include window kits, skylight panels, free-standing shelf units, timber floors, foundation kits and Hilti fixing kits.

globel window with grill 9globel skylight 15globel freestanding shelving 120x120 15


IMPORTANT: Imperial sizes are approximate, and are shown only as a guide. Please refer to the metric dimensions below for more accurate sizes, or contact us prior to purchase if you have any specific requirements.

Globel® Code *Ext. Size (inc. roof overhang) (mm) Height (mm) Footprint (mm) Double Door (mm) Weight
Apex Roof Reference Width** Length Ridge Eaves Width Length Width Height (kg)
6×3 LOTUS63*** 1840 920 1930 1780 1710 820 630 1700 45
6×4 LOTUS64*** 1840 1230 1930 1780 1710 1130 630 1700 51
6×5 LOTUS65*** 1840 1540 1930 1780 1710 1440 630 1700 55
6×8 LOTUS68*** 1840 2470 1930 1780 1710 2370 630 1700 78
8×3 LOTUS83*** 2450 920 1980 1780 2340 820 1050 1700 58
8×5 LOTUS85*** 2450 1540 1980 1780 2340 1440 1050 1700 74
8×6 LOTUS86*** 2450 1850 1930 1780 2340 1750 1050 1700 79
8×8 LOTUS88*** 2450 2470 1930 1780 2340 2370 1050 1700 92
10×6 LOTUS106*** 3070 1850 2020 1780 2950 1750 1050 1700 91
10×8 LOTUS108*** 3070 2470 2020 1780 2950 2370 1050 1700 107
10×12 LOTUS1012*** 3070 3710 2020 1780 2950 3610 1050 1700 136

Information shown above has been supplied by the manufacturer, and is as accurate as possible (errors and omissions excepted), however it is intended only as a guide. *We recommend making your base to the external dimension shown above. **Door is positioned on the width of the shed.

Please ensure that regular general maintenance is carried out on all moving parts.


All products are delivered sectional/flat-packed to kerbside unless stated otherwise. Deliveries are available for most of mainland England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, however deliveries within the Grey Zone will be subject to a surcharge depending upon the area and the product weight. Please see the map below.

Simply Garden Buildings - Globel Delivery Areas

The current delivery lead time shown is typical for Red Zones, however this is approximate and cannot be guaranteed. The lead time may be longer for outlying areas. Installation is available for most delivery areas, however this will extend the lead time to approximately 28 days.