*Saltire™ Sheds lead time is currently about 4-6 weeks for most parts of Britain, however bespoke buildings, Tanalised® pressure-treatment, and delivery to remote postcode areas may take longer. At the moment, we are offering a FREE assembly service with these buildings, which will be done at the same time as delivery.


SALTIRE 8x6 Apex Sheds are fantastic, strong, tongued & grooved sheds, perfect for all your garden needs. Saltire Sheds are made from top quality Scandinavian Pine (T&G throughout), designed to withstand the Scottish weather for years.


SALTIRE 8×6 Apex Shed (windowless)

Our Saltire 8×6 Apex Shed is the UK’s most popular size. A great quality, simple, no-nonsense, heavy-duty garden shed, this handmade ‘windowless‘ shed is part of the Lammermuir shed range, designed to easily handle our traditional weather and last for many years.

The Saltire 8×6 comes with heavy framing (50x38mm nominal) which is doubled at the corners, a strong diagonally-braced single door fitted with an internal lock and zinc-galvanised hinges, making it one the best quality garden sheds anywhere in the UK.

The Saltire Lammermuir range of apex sheds is available throughout the UK in the most popular sizes: 6×4, 7×5, 8×6, 10×6, and 10×8.




  • 8×6 is the most popular shed in the UK
  • High quality HANDMADE garden shed will last for many years
  • WINDOWLESS for added security
  • High quality, extra strong, slow growing Scandinavian Pine
  • Heavy duty framing 50x38mm nominal (doubled at corners)
  • Extra framing in gable adds strength
  • 16mm nominal (12mm finish) tongue & groove roof, walls & floor
  • Light Oak preservative treatment (inside & out)
  • 3x zinc galvanized T-hinges on each door
  • Diagonal ‘no-sag’ bracing on doors for added strength and longevity
  • Pre-fitted internal lock with key (no padlock required)



Quality Construction

This Saltire 8×6 Apex shed is a hand-made garden building is made using the best quality, slow-growing, sustainable Scandinavian Pine from well managed, sustainably certified forests. All Saltire sheds are constructed using 16mm nominal (approx. 12mm finished) tongue and groove timber, on the roof, walls AND floor.

Please note that NO chipboard, OSB or low-grade timber is used in the construction of this building.

Saltire Sheds are supplied pre-treated with an Eco-friendly Light Oak preservative basecoat (inside & outside) at no extra charge. Heavy duty, smoothed, rounded and planed framing (50x38mm nominal) has been used internally, which is doubled at the corners for extra strength. For security, a rim-lock c/w mortice key is fitted internally. Mineral roofing felt is supplied to keep the roof watertight.



Professional Assembly Included

We will install your Saltire Lammermuir Shed at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE although some geographical limitations apply. Our PROFESSIONAL ASSEMBLY SERVICE covers approx. 90% of the UK mainland population, and requires non-restrictive access and a suitable base/site.



This Saltire 8×6 Apex Shed is supplied pre-treated with a quality, brown (light oak), non-toxic preservative base coat. Each panel is treated inside and out (including end grain, tongues, grooves and cut-outs.



Doors, Locking System & Windows

The Saltire 8×6 Apex Shed has a standard rim-lock c/w mortice key fitted internally for convenience. Three non-rusting, zinc galvanised t-hinges, and two turn–buttons are supplied as standard on a 30″ (762mm) wide single door. This Saltire 8×6 is a windowless shed, therefore there is no glass or styrene to be concerned about, and the shed is more secure. Please see the full specification table below.




Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any queries regarding the dimensions, or if you require exact sizes. Roof overhangs will extend beyond the Body Size shown below. Dimensions listed below are finished sizes… nominal sizes are quoted above.

Saltire Sheds Framing Walls Floor Body Size (mm) Internal Height (mm) Door Size (mm) Windows
Lammermuir Apex Shed (mm) (mm) (mm) Length Width Eaves Ridge Height Width Qty
6×4 SSLAM0604A 44×32 12 12 1829 1219 1680 1985 1765 762 0
7×5 SSLAM0705A 44×32 12 12 2134 1524 1680 2050 1765 762 0
8×6 SSLAM0806A 44×32 12 12 2439 1829 1680 2160 1765 762 0
10×6 SSLAM1006A 44×32 12 12 3048 1829 1680 2160 1765 762 0
10×8 SSLAM1008A 44×32 12 12 3048 2439 1680 2280 1765 762 0


This Saltire 8×6 Apex Shed has a long lifespan, and we recommend that you assemble the building on a solid, free-draining base, with at least 60cm free space all around for maintenance and to avoid splash back. You should treat all exposed sections with a high quality preservative prior to or shortly after assembly, and subsequently every year in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Please ensure that regular general maintenance is carried out on all moving parts. Roofing felt should be regularly inspected (especially before and after storms), and replaced as and when required.