4 Unique Ways to Use Your Shed

December 15, 2021
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Sheds are a cost-effective way to add more sheltered space to your home and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. You can do so much more with your shed than just using it for storage. Here we’ll show you four unique ways to use your shed that can unlock the potential of your garden.

Garden office

While many workplaces are still choosing to work from home or using hybrid options, some of us don’t have adequate space to comfortably work from our houses. Not having a separation between your work and living spaces may mean that you struggle to switch off after the workday.

Garden offices are popular because it’s a cost-effective way to create a home working space that still has the usual benefits of an office. It will provide you with a space that is quiet and has zero distractions so you can get on with the important work.

Garden pub

Is there anything better than a pub on your doorstep? Making your shed into a bar or pub offers you the opportunity to be the best host on the street! You can either use a smaller shed and serve your guests sitting in your garden, or invest in a larger model and put some comfy seating inside so you can enjoy it all year round. Deck it out with your favourite drinks and decorate with fun lighting and cosy cushions. You’ll have the perfect place to flaunt your cocktail skills or just enjoy a pint with a friend.

Hobby room

Have you run out of space to put your balls of yarn? Do you need better natural light for your painting? A shed is a great place to set up a hobby room and give you extra space for your much-loved pastime. Whatever you like to do with your time, you’ll love having the extra space without the noise of your home.

Look for a shed that has plenty of large windows so you’ll have plenty of natural light and perhaps add a desk and comfy chair to maximise your little getaway.


Exercise equipment can be bulky and take up a lot of precious space in your home. If you’re looking for somewhere to put your treadmill, a garden gym is a great way to use your shed. If you have a large shed you could fit bigger pieces of equipment like an elliptical trainer, rowing machine or treadmill. If you have a smaller shed you could just use it as a weights room. It will give you that little bit of extra space that will still keep you warm through the winter months.

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