5 Imaginative Themed Children’s Playhouse Ideas

January 19, 2023
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A playhouse is a great way for children to embrace their hobbies and interests, expand their creativity and best of all have plenty of fun!

Read on to discover some imaginative playhouse themes that will leave your little ones entertained for hours.

1.  A jungle or rainforest

If your child is intrigued by the animal kingdom, bring a bit of nature inside to let imaginations run wild. This playhouse can serve as a sanctuary for your little one’s beloved soft toys – fluffy monkeys and parrot puppets alike can flourish in this exotic environment – while also encouraging curiosity in the natural world. Drape artificial leaves around the interior and stock up on indoor plants to mimic the magical realism of the Amazon rainforest.

2.  A magical castle

A popular choice with children already obsessed with the allure of fantasy lands, a castle playhouse could easily become your child’s favourite hangout spot. Paint the exterior grey and add DIY cardboard turrets to transform the building into an impressive fortress. Tiaras, fake swords, toy dragons and regal dress-up options are all must-haves!

3.  An immersive rocket or spaceship

Ensure your playhouse is out of this world by recreating an intergalactic spaceship. Wrap tin foil around the exterior to give the building a futuristic look, and don’t forget to add control panels and a wheel inside for your little astronauts. This theme is bound to be a big hit with fans of Star Wars and Doctor Who!

4.  A witch’s lair or fairy cottage

Capture your child’s imagination by building a spooky witch’s lair or an enchanting fairy cottage. Paint your playhouse walls with dreamy pinks and shimmering golds to create a charming fairy haven and decorate the inside with an abundance of garden flowers and plenty of sparkle. For a more bewitching theme, invest in fake cobwebs, a toy cauldron and a trusty broomstick to transform your playhouse into a spellbinding hidey-hole. Expect to spend endless summer nights watching your little ones race around your garden gathering leaves and petals to concoct fairy potions and witchy brews.

5.  A bustling kitchen

For all the amateur chefs out there, a kitchen playhouse is a great opportunity to explore cooking curiosity and encourage your kids to learn about food. Invest in kitchen toys or recycle your own pots and pans to help your children become acquainted with cooking and food preparation. Fake stoves, kitchens and ovens can introduce them slowly to kitchen appliances in a safe environment – best of all, it’ll keep them away from the hot surfaces and sharp components of your real kitchen. You could even include a mini fridge full of snacks or place fruit baskets on a table – just in case they get hungry!

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