5 Simple Tips for a Dream Playhouse

July 29, 2022
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What makes a dream playhouse for your children? While every child is different, there are a few factors that can make playhouses magical for every child. Let’s take a look.

No adults allowed

For children, having a space that is just for them and not the grown-ups can be rather invigorating. While parents need children to be somewhat close by, a garden shed or playhouse can be the perfect solution. It offers a little space that is separate from the parents, without being too far away. You can easily set up a playhouse that is just for your little ones and watch them enjoy their perceived freedom.

Storage for treasures

Every child has treasures and they all deserve a place to keep those treasures. Provide your children with shelving units to display items and small chests, drawers, or other closed containers where they can keep the smaller bits they collect from their travels. Even old oatmeal tins can become the perfect spot for a rock collection if you wrap them in pretty paper.

Tools to keep it tidy

Child-sized tools are another big source of pleasure for children. They’ll love to sweep up the dust and debris with a small broom. Be sure to provide them with water and flannels to keep things tidy inside, as well, even if the water is just in a spray bottle to prevent spills.

Magical decorations

Decorating a playhouse is particularly fun, but remember that it should feel incredible to a child. Twinkle lights and murals can go a long way toward providing the magic that a playhouse promises. Use lots of colours and consider hanging scarves and beads to create a funky interior that they’ll love to spend time in.

Alternatively, you can decorate according to a theme. Is your child interested in pirates? Add nautical items to the space, hang a net from the ceiling, attach a ship’s wheel beneath a window, etc. If they’re more interested in jungles and safaris, you can use straw mats to create a unique feel in the space and hang paper mâché animal heads on the wall, or images of their favourite animals.

Food and drink to serve

Could there be anything better as a child to have your own lemonade and biscuits to serve up to friends or even just yourself, whenever you please? Of course, as the parent, you can limit this, but having a tin of biscuits and a bottle or can of a fizzy drink in the playhouse makes it that much more exciting to play in. Of course, you’ll need a playhouse first and that should be selected with great care. If possible, have your child look at options with you and choose their favourite. At A1 Sheds, we not only offer playhouses but also a range of garden buildings that could easily be converted into the perfect playhouse. Contact us today to discuss your options with an experienced member of our team.