A Guide to Maintaining Timber Sheds

December 15, 2021
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Come rain or shine, caring for your timber shed can be difficult, but is utterly crucial to the durability and longevity of your garden shed. From severe wind, rain and snow, right up to the extreme heat of summer, timber sheds must be able to withstand the elements all year round to protect whatever it is you’re storing, whether that be tools, furniture, electronics or motorised vehicles. Choosing timber for your garden shed has unique benefits but also requires consistent maintenance to ensure the lifespan of your garden timber shed continues for years to come.

Timber, Metal or PVC?

When it comes to aesthetic quality, you can look no further than a wooden shed. Timber sheds are the traditional choice for your garden shed, becoming a centrepiece for your backyard, with glorious design and versatility, timber sheds stand out from the crowd. It’s worth mentioning, however, that this aesthetic quality does come at a cost, both in a financial sense, with timber sheds regularly outpricing their plastic or metal alternatives, but also in their durability. Wooden sheds require significantly more maintenance than their counterparts, with an increased vulnerability when exposed to extreme conditions.

Harsh weather, insects and rodents can cause serious ramifications on timber sheds, potentially leading to rot and deterioration. Timber sheds also require regular treatment and repainting to maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity, reducing the threat of damp and decay. This implies, of course, that your timber shed can be rebuilt, adapted or repurposed over time, expanding your ability to redesign and reshape your garden and timber shed for years to come. There’s no denying sacrifices must be made in service of a timber shed, but the aesthetic quality, simplicity and ability to adapt provided by timber sheds cannot be underestimated.

Maintaining Your Shed

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key maintenance you should regularly carry out to ensure your timber shed remains strong, durable and weather-resistant:

Inspect Your Roof Felt

One of the most important inspections you can carry out to maintain your timber shed is by checking the integrity of your roof felt. The roofing felt is arguably the most important component of your timber shed, with water and weatherproofing qualities essential in ensuring the longevity of your shed, improving the overall structural integrity. If your roofing felt has started to warp, shift or peel away from the roofing, you must remove it as soon as possible, replacing it with an appropriate solution.

Apply Preservative

Applying preservatives, exterior oils or a combination of both to your timber shed will provide better protection against the threat of rot, mould, deterioration or insect attacks as it penetrates deep into the wood, strengthening and protecting the timber from harm or interference. Be sure to leave plenty of room for access, so it’s easier to maintain your timber shed and apply preservatives, as this will go some way to providing a strong airflow around the shed, helping to keep it dry and free of damp.

Check Your Sealants

Checking your door and window frames regularly is an essential requirement in maintaining the overall condition and insulation properties. As time progresses, the exterior wood will start to shrink, causing gaps, cracks and splinters to appear, which can lead to the penetration of water and potentially cause rot and deterioration. Filling gaps with expanding foam, builder’s caulk or the application of wooden spines will help seal and insulate your shed, protecting it from the harsh impacts of cold and damp conditions.

Clear Vegetation

Upon installation, or at any point during your timber shed’s lifespan, keeping the area clear of vegetation, plant life, vines and trees will be essential in guaranteeing the structural integrity of your shed for years to come. Vegetation that grows around your shed can weaken the roof, as well as affect the airflow, thus increasing the risk of damp building up and the potential for mould, decay or deterioration.

Keep It Dry

As mentioned, good airflow is vitally important to the longevity of your timber shed, helping to maintain the atmosphere inside your shed dry, fresh and relatively damp-free. You can help protect your shed by opening doors and windows over the summer to increase the airflow and dry your timber effectively, as well as potentially installing air vents, or an electric fan if the issues are unusually prevalent.

Assess Your Flooring

Assessing the state of your flooring will offer a clear indication of any possible damp or water damage that may lead to structural decay. Your shed’s base must be secure, so if your timber sheds appear to be out of alignment, doors and windows no longer line up with the predetermined spaces, or there are obvious signs of damp and decay, there is a strong chance of a serious problem. A shed out of alignment, that’s sloping or visibly listing, is a serious cause for concern. Commonly referred to as subsidence, this can have a devastating impact, potentially leading to a complete repair or replacement.

The Benefits of Timber Sheds

As you can tell, maintaining your garden shed takes work, and you may be wondering just what the advantages of owning one really are. Fortunately, we’ve provided insight into the key benefits provided by timber shed solutions:


As suggested, there’s no doubt that timber shed solutions have the edge over their metal or plastic alternatives, providing a classic, traditionalist aesthetic that blends perfectly into the natural landscape. Timber sheds provide versatility and individual design too, with the ability to paint and repaint your timber shed whenever you desire, ensuring it maintains its classy design and seamless blend with the surrounding environment.


Timber sheds are available in several different shapes and sizes, from long sheds, deep sheds, to half-hexagonal designs, they’re a versatile option and can be seamlessly fitted into your garden. With the ability to redesign your shed’s aesthetic quality, either repairing, staining, or potentially building upon your already established timber shed, customisation is always a possibility. Compared with plastic or metal sheds, timber sheds allow for the placement of doors and windows to be decided upon by you, meaning they are far more flexible.


With the appropriate cladding and strong, treated timber, there’s no reason why your timber shed shouldn’t last for many years to come. It’s imperative you install the right cladding, however, to prevent rain and wind from causing internal damage or deterioration.


Quick and easy to assemble, timber sheds typically won’t take much longer than a few hours to construct, with help of a few basic tools, in particular a screwdriver and a hammer, setting up your timber shed is a simple exercise! This also means that timber sheds are easy to replace, especially if pieces of wood or small components or fixtures have started to rot or wain. Unlike plastic or metal solutions, you can repair or replace the individual pieces that require the most attention, which is quick, cost-effective and simple.


Due to its natural cellular structure, with the presence of air pockets, timber is an inherently effective insulator. With timber conducting heat at a much lower rate than metal or plastic, the natural insulation will allow your timber shed to stay much warmer in the summer, and importantly, keep things cool during the summer. Metal and plastic, on the other hand, suffer from extreme temperatures, with cold and heat having a lasting impact on both materials.


Unlike plastic or metal, responsibly sourced timber is renewable, with any trees chopped down simply replaced, in a bid to maintain the planet’s oxygen supply. Plastic and metal meanwhile, are man-made, requiring the burning of fossil fuels to produce, thus impacting the environment.

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