Adding Storage Space to Your Home

January 27, 2022
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Everyone needs more storage. It’s the one thing you can really never have enough of. Most people don’t have a lot of choices for adding space to their home, but here are a few ways you can ensure you always have a place to keep a few extra items.

Underbed Storage Bins

The space under your beds is often unused, but it makes the perfect place to store everything from extra blankets to out of season clothing and holiday decorations. You can find flat boxes with wheels to slide under the bed with your items, making it harder to lose things under there and also utilising the space to the maximum.


If your home has high ceilings, make use of that space near the top of the room. Add a shelf or cupboard that runs around the upper level of a room and use it to store items you use in the room, but don’t want out. For example, your smaller appliances may be stored in these cupboards in a kitchen, while the studio might feature art supplies and such.

Not only do these shelves give you extra space, they also help the room feel cosier. If painted the same colour as the wall and ceiling, they blend right in.

Shelves in Hidden Gaps

Every home has some spaces that are simply not used. For example, under the stairs, in that odd corner of the kitchen where nothing really fits, and spaces behind doors. You can add shelves to these areas to make them more useful. In most cases, the shelves must be custom built, as they are unusual areas for storage, but even a little extra space can make a big difference.

In narrow gaps, such as behind a bedroom door, try adding hooks where you can hang coats and bags. Just because a space is small doesn’t mean it can’t be used.

Garden Shed

A garden shed doesn’t need to be just for your garden items. It can be perfect for anything you want out of the main house, but still nearby. Sheds come in a range of sizes, so you can easily set up the perfect size for the space you have and still fulfil your needs. Add some shelves inside and hooks to hang items from the ceiling to give yourself plenty of extra storage room.

Pre-assembled sheds offer instant expansion and can be quite spacious if you stay organised. You can also place the shed close to the house for easy access.

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