How to Effectively Organise Your Shed

November 25, 2021
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When you’ve got your own shed, it’s easy to fall into the trap of using it as a place to keep the things you no longer need or use anymore. Understandably all you want to do is keep your home or garden clean, tidy and orderly. 

No doubt for many of us, possessions whether that is junk, old heirlooms or tools mount up, the more you find yourself tripping over, banging your head and unable to find whatever it is you are looking for. And we all know how much of a pain that can be! And the more unorganised it gets, the less pleasant the idea of organising your shed becomes.

With this in mind, we’re going to explain in this blog how to effectively organise your shed and find the best ways to utilise the space. 

Where to begin

So, as a starting point, our aim is to support you in finding the best way to optimise your shed and most importantly, make sure that it’s as tidy as possible and for the foreseeable! 

From advice on shed shelving or even accessories to storage ideas for tools, we help you to discover all of the shed organization hacks you require in this post. 

Regardless of if you want to know how to organise your tiny wooden shed or huge cabin, we are on-hand to help you make the most of the storage space you have at your disposal. So let’s get started and take a look at a few key points to get you started. 

Clear out your shed

Unsurprisingly, having a good old clear out is key. Particularly if your shed is so full of stuff that you can’t really really tell what’s inside. Luckily, it’s a simple first step in your shed organisation process. All you have to do is pull everything out of the shed carefully and lay it out so you can see it and figure out what you do and don’t want  – ready to sort through.

Invest in shelving 

In the first instance, shelving is the key to an organised shed. If you don’t possess any shelves, it is certainly worth investing in some before you do anything else. You may even need some old ones from your home that need to be put to good use. Freestanding or fixed to the beams, all kinds of shelving will optimise your storage space.

You can improve the appearance of your shelves by organising them according to what you use the most and using storage boxes. Put your everyday tools on the middle shelves in eye view and within easy grasp. You can place your heavy, bulky items at floor level to avoid accidents or mess. Anything seldom-used or seasonal can be stowed further back or on the top shelf. 


Most people’s sheds are brimming with shovels, forks, brooms and hosepipes. Make sure that all of your long-handled tools are properly organised with a good shovel rack. This will allow you to see where everything is, and free up more much-needed space.

You could even make your own shovel rack from either an old pallet, or a piece of ply with slots in it, and attach it securely to a wall. If your shed is on the smaller side, you can even hang long tools on the back of the door.


For tools which take up less space such as trowels and secateurs, hooks are a shed owner’s best friend. S-hooks are cost-effective, easy to put in place tool storage in your shed. There’s no drilling involved and they can be moved around until you find the ideal spot. Hook them over an old palette, shower curtain rail, or even a window frame. It really is that simple. 

You can even invest in bigger hooks for big tools like spades, forks or brooms. It’s pretty simple and easy to screw them to the shed timbers, and they can be moved if your set-up or arrangements change.

Find a space for bits and pieces

Now you’ve found homes for the larger items in the shed, you need to devote some time and  attention to all the little odds and ends in the shed. You could even use a couple of baskets or mounted storage bins attached to a door or wall, or tucked safely away on a shelf, to keep smaller and more useful items tidy.


As we have previously mentioned, you certainly don’t need to buy new shed shelves and upcycling can be a brilliant and cost-effective solution to this. You can repurpose old shelves from inside your home that used to sit in the kitchen or other rooms in your property. Whether you have shelves you’re meant to fix to the wall or freestanding ones, they can prove to be very useful in the shed. 

Old cabinets that may look a bit tired can also be repurposed and look great in your shed. But most significantly, they also have more practical uses. You may even make a cupboard out of old doors – after all, there are plenty of those going around!

Freestanding shelves 

Why not think about using free-standing shelves in your shed! Not only are these types of shelves perfect for storing plastic tubs and bins, but they can very much be shifted around if you ever decide to reorganize your shed. The best thing about the whole process is that shelves are strong, and many have grated bottoms to stop any excessive dirt and debris from mounting!

Floating shelving 

You might not have heard of floating shelving but it’s actually ideal for shelves. They allow you to make good use of all available wall space in your shed with easy-to-install floating shelves. Floating shelves add storage space, but they can also help your shed feel bigger by getting clutter from the floor. Floating shelves are perfect for storing items such as planters, cleaning supplies, garden tools, or more!

Magnetic bar storage 

In order to organize any kind of shed regardless of size, make use of a magnetic bar. This level of organization is ideal for smaller spaces and has long been used to store tools, and it’s perfect for storing gardening tools as well. Just make sure to select a magnetic bar that is durable enough to hold the tools you’re looking to organize.

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