How To Enhance Your Garden For Your Little One

February 25, 2022
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A garden opens up a whole new world of experiences for a child, with plenty of open space to explore and play in. However, your garden might seem lacking at the moment, not designed with children in mind. You want to create a space that they can enjoy themselves in, while also having safety in mind.

So read on for how to enhance your garden for your child with these top tips.

Play Equipment

You can create a space for children to enjoy by filling it with play equipment. A slide is a great option, or you may utilise an existing tree to fashion a rope swing. A paddling pool is great in the summer, keeping them cool and allowing them to splash around.

Create an outdoor toy chest with toys specifically designed for use outdoors. This will make playing outdoors fun, as they get to use the toys they don’t get to use inside. This could include skipping ropes, water guns, balls etc. Anything that is a fun toy to play with but could be dangerous to use inside.

Learning Opportunities

Having fun doesn’t mean you can’t also be educational. A great idea is to start a small flower or vegetable patch for your child to tend to. You can teach them all about how to grow things, while also establishing routines and having fun while doing so. Start simple by offering them a lot of assistance, then slowly start to scale back so they can learn to be independent.

If you’re growing fruit or vegetables, you can then take the learning into the kitchen by showing them interesting recipes that can be made from the ingredients that they have taken the time cultivating.


An outdoor playhouse is a great way to enhance a garden for a child. It offers hours of entertainment, as they use their imagination to imagine endless possibilities. It’s a great way to play outside even if the weather isn’t that great, allowing your child to make the most of the garden all year round.

You can use some wood paint to make your playhouse a unique experience. Use your child’s favourite colours or pick a theme. A playhouse can instantly be transformed into a princesses castle or a rocket ship with just a basic lick of paint. Combine this with some themed decorations on the inside to create the ultimate experience.

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