How to Set Up a Goat Shed

January 27, 2022
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The size of your goat shed or barn will depend on how many goats you have and how big they are. Dwarf goats obviously don’t need a lot of space, whereas a Nubian will need more.

You can make a goat barn out of nearly anything, but if you want it to look nice, as well, opt for a prefab garden shed. These come in several sizes to fit the number of goats you have and they look amazing in your garden. You can set the shed inside the pen and remove the door if you wish to give them constant access to the space.

What Goats Need in a Shelter

Goats love to be outdoors and they enjoy being on top of things. If you want to make them happy, you can give them a roof with one wall. However, it’s a good idea to offer a more enclosed shelter for rainy days and cold ones, too.

Look for a flat roof or one that is not steeply sloped, then place hay bales or convenient barrels against the shed. This will give them the opportunity to climb onto the roof and survey the world from there.

Inside, the shelter can be quite simple. You may wish to put down straw or pine shavings on the floor, but it’s also a good idea to have a solid floor that can be cleaned easily. Spread some lime over the floor before you add the bedding, to help keep the smell down.

A feed bin and a container for water will also come in useful, particularly if the goats are shut in at night. You may want to add some fun things for them, as well, such as a short ladder to climb, or some balls to knock around. Goats enjoy entertainment, too.

Will Any Garden Shed Do?

You can use any garden shed for a goat barn, but you should keep in mind that you’ll need to clean it often. Only get a building that is large enough for the number of goats you have or intend to have. You should avoid an overly large space, since they’ll crowd together in a corner anyway.

It’s usually best to avoid windows, as well. If you do include windows in the shed, consider replacing them with plexiglass or reinforced glass that will withstand any headbutting that may occur.

Your goats will enjoy having a new home and you can choose a shed that really makes a nice addition to your garden. With a good fence around it, you should have a space that will keep your animals protected and happy.

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