Pre-Made Summerhouses as Art Studios

December 15, 2021
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Any artist who has attempted to create art while in a crowded house knows the value of an art studio. However, even if you can’t rent a separate space for a studio, you can build one in your garden. Using a modular summerhouse, you can create the studio of your dreams quite easily. This could be a weekend project that gives you many years of quiet time to create.

Why Use Modular DIY Buildings

A modular building is designed by professionals, so you know the design is of excellent quality. It’s also more economical to put everything together yourself, even if you have never built anything before. The instructions are clearly laid out and all the pieces are available. All you need to do is put them together. The end result is a lovely summerhouse that will hold your art studio.

What to Look for in an Art Studio

You will likely want plenty of natural light for your art. When choosing your summerhouse, be sure to look at the sheds that offer multiple windows. Some will even have glass doors that offer even more light. The more windows there are, the more natural light you’ll have.

Size is also important since you’ll need enough space for your supplies and for working on your art. This obviously depends on what type of art you make. Someone who works on tiny canvases, for example, will need far less space than someone making life-sized sculptures. Consider your needs carefully, so you can choose the cabin that best suits your art. Many summerhouses are long and narrow, which allows for more sunlight to come in.

Finally, you’ll want to consider security. Do you have a way to lock the door to the studio? If it doesn’t come with a lock, you’ll definitely want to add one. After all, you don’t want anyone to steal or destroy your art and even a curious child can wreak havoc in a studio.

Where to Place the Studio

Your new summerhouse art studio will need to be placed in your garden and that means finding the perfect location. Decide if you want the sunlight streaming in during the morning or the afternoon and position the cabin appropriately.

Distance may also be important to you. If you would like as much space between yourself and noisy children, then you will want to look at the back of the garden. However, if you need to keep an eye on things in the house, then it may be best to keep the art studio fairly near the house. It’s also possible to install an intercom so you can be reached if necessary, from the house.

Are you ready to start building your art studio? Take a look at the summerhouses that we offer here at A1 Sheds & Garden Buildings and find the perfect choice for you.