What’s The Difference Between A Summerhouse And A Shed?

February 25, 2022
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The garden is a great place to spend time, especially in the summer months when the weather is great. When it comes to adding a building to your garden, a lot of people are torn between the choice of adding a summerhouse or a shed. And they might not even know the differences between the two of them.

So read on for the differences between the two, and how the team at A1 Sheds & Garden Buildings can help make your garden renovation happen.

Summerhouse Vs Shed

While the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably when discussing garden renovations, there are some distinct differences between the two of them. Here’s a bit more information about the two products.


A shed is a small building, usually made of wood but also available in other materials such as metal, plastic and vinyl. Garden sheds are usually used as storage, commonly filled with garden tools, outdoor furniture and anything else you need storing. Sometimes sheds are used as workshops, for gardening, woodworking, crafting or more.

Shed’s are usually cheaper to build than summerhouses, as they’re often smaller. They are also less concerned about aesthetics, built for function over design. This doesn’t mean you can’t get sheds that look great, it’s just not a priority in the manufacturing process.


Summerhouses differ from sheds in that instead of storage, they are usually used for relaxing. They are usually made of wood and glass, built as a space to enjoy the garden. You also might require planning permission for building a summerhouse, but this is only if the summerhouse covers more than half the garden.

Another big difference from sheds is that a summerhouse will usually have power. This could just be some simple lights, but some people use summerhouses as offices or gyms, which require power. For this reason, a summerhouse is usually built closer to the house than a shed, which without power can go anywhere. As mentioned, summerhouses can be used for a variety of purposes, making them a lot more versatile than a shed and usually built with design in mind.

A1 Sheds & Garden Buildings

When you’ve decided whether a shed or summerhouse is the right choice for you, get in touch with A1 Sheds & Garden Buildings. We offer a wide range of sheds and summerhouses, with different sizes and features to fit your exact requirements and price demands. Our sheds come in various materials, including wood, plastic and metal, so you can find one to fit your aesthetic and needs. Meanwhile, our summerhouses are made from Scandinavian timber for a beautiful finish, built to last for over 15 years.

To browse our full selection of custom sheds and summerhouses, check out our website today or call us now on 0800 195 6968 to talk through your requirements with one of the team.