Shed Paint and Preservatives

Outdoor wood paints and preservatives are ideal for customising and maintaining your outdoor buildings, giving them a fresh finish and a new lease of life. Our large range of wood oils will protect your wooden structures and appliances from even the harshest of weather conditions, as they are water repellent and proven to work on many different wood surfaces. Looking for that extra personalisation for your wooden outdoor building? Bring out your inner designer with wood paints. Though these paints are perfect for achieving a modern look, traditional wood accompaniments such as dark mahogany, plain brown or dark oak will give your building a quaint and welcoming appearance. Colourful options include pine green, iceland white or red cedar, for that vibrant aesthetic. You can expect colour retention for all of our wood paint options, thanks to the included UV filters. In addition to this, our paints are quick-drying, and won’t require sanding!

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