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WELBECK | Apex Garden Office

The WELBECK GARDEN OFFICE is a reverse apex log cabin made with 44mm thick pressure-treated or untreated timber. It comes in 3x sizes, with toughened double-glazed doors & windows and FREE DELIVERY*.


WELBECK Apex Garden Office

The Welbeck Garden Office is a ‘reverse apex’ log cabin. This high quality, modern, stylish log cabin with porch area, is made using high grade 44mm thick timber on the walls, with thick 19mm tongue and groove floor and roof as standard. The Welbeck Log Cabins have several opening ‘toughened glass’ double-glazed windows, and double doors, and are available in untreated or pressure-treated timber!

The Welbeck Reverse Apex Log Cabin comes in 3x popular sizes. The larger models feature 2x separate rooms, and all versions are made to stay below 2.5m height legislation!


  • Tanalised™ (pressure-treated) or untreated timber
  • Toughened safety glass and joinery-made double doors
  • Top quality 44mm thick interlocking logs
  • Heavy duty 19mm T&G roof and floor
  • 3x popular sizes (larger models have 2x internal rooms)
  • 15 year anti-rot warranty on pressure-treated models
  • Secure mortice locking system
  • Easy to assemble c/w fastenings & simple digital instructions
  • High quality, extra strong timber
  • Double-glazed, opening windows as standard
  • Under 2.5m to avoid planning permission
  • Manufactured right here in the UK!

Quality Construction

The walls of the log cabin are very heavy 44mm thick made from high grade, responsibly sourced timber. The heavy duty floor and roof are comprised of strong 19mm thick tongue & groove boards to ensure the log cabin is robust and durable. No inferior products are used (such as OSB or chipboard floors and roofs).

All cabins are under 2.5m to the ridge, allowing you to bypass most planning permission restrictions that may apply to residential builds.

Quality Inside

Maximise you garden’s potential, at a fraction of the cost of a conservatory, or extension. Our Log Cabins can be used for many purposes such as a home office, garden room, home gym, man cave, entertainment room etc. They add value to your property, and have the benefit of a beautiful usable space.

SM Welbeck 4x3 Interior 1 SM Welbeck 5x4 Interior1 SM Welbeck 5 5x5 Interior1

Doors, Locking System & Windows

The Welbeck Log Cabin comes complete with joinery-made double doors and up to 5x ‘casement’ opening windows. All glass is both toughened and double glazed – perfect for extra security and insulation. Not only is there the toughened double glazing, but there is a secure mortice lock system on the doors, therefore, whether you plan to use the log cabin for storage, or for a garden office, this extra secure space will provide that additional peace of mind.


This log cabin is available with untreated timber as standard, however you can upgrade to pressure-treated Tanalised™ timber which protects your cabin from rot & decay.


The 44mm, interlocking logs allow you to build your cabin with confidence, knowing everything fits tightly and is where it should be. Fixings and instructions are included to allow you to build the cabin yourself, however we may be able to offer a professional assembly in your area. Please check before ordering.


IMPORTANT: Imperial sizes are approximate, and are shown only as a guide. Please refer to the metric dimensions below for more accurate sizes, or contact us prior to purchase if you have any specific requirements.


Welbeck Log Cabin External Dimensions (inc. roof) (mm) Internal Rooms *Minimum Base Size (mm) Door Size (mm) Opening Windows (mm)
Approx. Weight
Model Roof Width Depth Eaves Height Ridge Height Qty Width Depth Width Height Qty Size (kg)
4.0m x 3.0m Reverse Apex 4180 3190 2020 2490 1 3920 2700 1560 1876 2 656 x 1211 1421
5.0m x 4.0m Reverse Apex 5080 4390 2040 2490 2 4820 3900 1560 1876 4 656 x 1211 2271
5.5m x 5.0m Reverse Apex 5680 5260 2050 2490 2 5420 4800 1560 1876 5 656 x 1211 2761


Information shown above has been supplied by the manufacturer, and is as accurate as possible (errors and omissions excepted), however it is intended only as a guide. We recommend making your base slightly larger than the *Minimum Base Size shown above.

Please ensure that regular general maintenance is carried out on all moving parts.


How are these log cabins delivered?

  • Your log cabin will arrive as individual boards that slot together. This makes access into your garden, and assembly easy, and this construction gives a strong building with interlocking corners for strength.

What about assembly?

  • These log cabins are simple and easy to build, and we also provide easy-to-follow digital instructions.

What are the different treatment types?

  • Our log cabins are supplied untreated, however we can also supply them with a Tanalised® pressure treatment is where chemical preservatives are forced deep into the wood’s fibres to resist rot, decay and termites. Pressure treatment gives the wood on your building an extra level of protection and is an effective way of making your building long-lasting. We recommend that a high quality paint/preservative is applied straight away to the untreated cabins, and if you don’t intend to change the colour of your pressure-treated building, then a water-repellent will be ideal.

Do they come with any warranty?

  • Yes, if going with the Tanalised® (pressure-treated) version, then the wood on your log cabin is protected against rot, decay and insect infestation for up to15-years (timber splits or warping, which may occur naturally over time are not covered).

Will my cabin need a base?

  • Yes, all garden buildings should be assembled on a firm and level base, and we always recommend a concrete base where possible. A good, sold, level base will ensure your building goes together easily, and lasts for many, many years. In order to protect your building from moisture, you should leave a 2ft (60cm) gap around the exterior of your building.

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