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QuickJACK PRO Adjustable Shed Base (for soil or grass)

QuickJACK PRO (for soft surfaces) is an easy-to-fit adjustable shed base foundation for all garden buildings and decking. This innovative base system allows even the most basic DIY'er to achieve professional results in soil, grass (soft ground) in minutes. No ground preparation required!

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QuickJACK PRO Adjustable Shed Base Kit (for soft surfaces)

The QuickJACK PRO Adjustable Shed Base (for soil or grass) is a system consisting of three parts: heavy-duty screw-piles (spikes) which go down into the soft ground, brackets of various shapes which fit onto your frame, and adjustable circular bearing-plates which spread the weight and can can be moved up and down easily using a 35mm spanner (not included) to level your base.

The whole system is simple to use, and extremely fast… you can create a solid level base for your shed or summerhouse, or create a level deck, in minutes… with no ground levelling or preparation required. QuickJACK PRO Adjustable Shed Base (Soft Surface) has several which are suitable for square, rectangular, corner, hexagonal (6-sided) and octagonal (8-sided) buildings.

Apart from being fast and easy to install, the QuickJACK PRO Adjustable Shed Base base system allows for precise levelling. It also keeps timbers off the ground ensuring your shed stays dry and well ventilated, and it anchors your building to the ground. QuickJACK PRO (Soft Surfaces) is made from heavy-duty zinc-coated components which are designed to last, and it is completely reusable, allowing for simple re-positioning of your garden building if needed.

NOTE: As well as the QuickJACK system, you will need to make a simple framework to support the floor of your garden building. We recommend using 4″x2″ (approx. 100x50mm) pressure-treated battens (not supplied) which are very cost effective, but of course you can use larger timber battens if you wish.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Precise adjustment for easy levelling
  • Simple to re-adjust if required
  • Perfect for any size of shed, garden building, or deck area
  • 3x bearing-plate sizes: 6″, 8″ & 10″
  • Several brackets styles: corner, t-shape, cross, 180° in-line, plus 45° and 60° angles
  • Can be re-used over-and-over again
  • Much, much cheaper than concrete

QuickJACK PRO (Soft Surfaces) Video

The QuickJACK PRO Adjustable Shed Base is very easy to install. Simply choose the area you want to put your building (level is better, but it isn’t necessary), fix the brackets to your upside-down frame, screw in the spikes and plates, flip the frame the right way up and tap into the ground. Level the frame using the adjustable plates, then you are done!



Quality Construction

Each QuickJACK PRO Adjustable Shed Base component is machined right here in the UK using top-quality, heavy-duty, zinc-coated steel. They are VERY, VERY STRONG and each part is much stronger than the garden building that will be sitting on it (even when fully laden), so you don’t need to worry about strength.

We recommend that you use the correct size of bearing-plate though (i.e. large plate for large buildings) as this is what stops the shed sinking into the ground. There are 3-sizes of bearing plates, Small:150mm (6″) capable of supporting 275kg per point, Medium: 200mm (8″) which can support 500kg per point, and Large: 250mm (10″) which can support 750kg per point!

Why Choose QuickJACK Pro (Soft Surfaces)?

Basically it is fast and easy to use with no ground preparation. There are many traditional shed and summerhouse base solutions available, and they all have their merits, however the QuickJACK PRO Adjustable Shed Base solution is much cheaper than concrete, less labour intensive than paving slabs, faster than ProBASE or EcoBASE, and it’s unique bearing-plate system doesn’t continue to sink into the ground like most other existing spike-only base systems.

You can create almost any base size, but to keep things simple we’ve listed twelve kits which cover the most popular sizes and shapes of buildings:

  • Kit-One
    • 4x Screw-Piles & Brackets
    • 6″ (150mm) Bearing-Plates
    • (suits small buildings including 6×3, 6×4, 6×5 etc.)
  • Kit-Two
    • 6x Screw-Piles & Brackets
    • 8″ (200mm) Bearing-Plates
    • (suits medium buildings including 7×5 and 8×6 etc.)
  • Kit-Three
    • 9x Screw-Piles & Brackets
    • 8″ (200mm) Bearing-Plates
    • (suits large buildings such as 8×8, 10×6, 10×8 and 10×10)
  • Kit-Four
    • 12x Screw-Piles & Brackets
    • 10″ (250mm) Bearing-Plates
    • (suits large/heavy buildings including 12×8 and 12×10)
  • Kit-Five
    • 9x Screw Piles & Brackets
    • 8″ (200mm) Bearing Plates
    • (suits 8-sided octagonal summerhouses up to 10×10)
  • Kit-Six
    • 7x Screw Piles & Brackets
    • 8″ (200mm) Bearing Plates
    • (suits 6-sided hexagonal summerhouses up to 10×10)
  • Kit-Seven
    • 8x Screw Piles & Brackets
    • 8″ (200mm) Bearing Plates
    • (suits pentagon corner buildings & decking up to 10×10)
  • Kit-Eight
    • 9x Screw-Piles & Brackets
    • 10″ (250mm) Bearing-Plates
    • (suits large/heavy cabins & decking up to 3mx3m)
  • Kit-Nine
    • 5x Screw-Piles & Brackets
    • 8″ (200mm) Bearing-Plates
    • (suits small cabins & decking up to 2mx2m)
  • Kit-Ten
    • 16x Screw-Piles & Brackets
    • 10″ (250mm) Bearing-Plates
    • (suits large/heavy cabins & decking up to 4mx4m)
  • Kit-Eleven
    • 12x Screw-Piles & Brackets
    • 10″ (250mm) Bearing-Plates
    • (suits large/heavy cabins & decking up to 4mx3m)
  • Kit-Twelve
    • 12x Screw-Piles & Brackets
    • 8″ (200mm) Bearing-Plates
    • (suits large/heavy cabins & decking up to  4mx2m)
  • Kit-Fifteen
    • 15x Screw-Piles & Brackets
    • 10″ (250mm) Bearing-Plates
    • (suits large/heavy cabins & decking up to 6mx3m)
  • Kit-Twenty
    • 20x Screw-Piles & Brackets
    • 10″ (250mm) Bearing-Plates
    • (suits large/heavy cabins & decking up to 6mx4.5m)
  • Kit-Twenty Four
    • 24x Screw-Piles & Brackets
    • 10″ (250mm) Bearing-Plates
    • (suits large/heavy cabins & decking up to 7.5mx4.5m)

Please see the full component list on the table below, or download the pdf for more information.

No Maintenance

The QuickJACK PRO Adjustable Shed Base is zinc-plated for long-lasting use. It requires NO MAINTENANCE or treatment after installation, and are designed to outlast the lifespan of your shed or garden building.

Straightforward Installation

The QuickJACK PRO Adjustable Shed Base system has been designed to allow the novice to create a high quality, strong, long-lasting shed base without the need for a expensive professional service. Installation is simple, as you can see from the installation video, or the four easy steps shown below.

QuickJACK Step-1QuickJACK Step-2QuickJACK Step-3QuickJACK Step-4

Optional Extras

The QuickJACK PRO Adjustable Shed Base system can be purchased with a variety of brackets and plates depending on your requirements. There are 90° Brackets for square/rectangular corners, 90° T-Brackets for straight sides, 45° Brackets for Octagonal corners, 60° Brackets for Hexagonal corners, 180° Inline Brackets, and 120mm (5″) Cross-Shaped Plates for below the framework. These brackets cover the vast majority of scenarios, however we can also supply non-standard plates and brackets, or different quantities upon request.

For soft ground, or heavy buildings, we recommend upgrading from 10″ (250mm) bearing plates to 12″ (300mm). The additional charge is £7.49 per plate.


Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any queries regarding quantities, or if you require exact sizes. Manufacturers recommended maximum load and base dimensions are shown below for each kit, along with the quantity of brackets etc. A suitable quantity of screws are also included with each kit.

QuickJACK PRO Capacity Piles Bearing Plates Brackets Package Dimensions
Product Code Load
30cm (12″) 15cm
T-Shape 45°
X- Plate Box-1 (cm) Box-2 (cm) Box-3 (cm) Box-4 (cm) Box-5 (cm) Weight (kg)
Kit-1 1.1 4 4 4 33x7x5 15x15x15 10
Kit-2 3.0 6 6 4 2 33x7x5 20x20x23 18
Kit-3 4.5 9 9 4 4 1 33x14x5 20x20x23 27
Kit-4 9.0 12 12 4 6 2 33x14x5 25x25x15 25x25x15 36
Kit-5 4.5 9 9 8 1 33x14x5 20x20x23 27
Kit-6 3.5 7 7 6 1 33x14x5 20x20x23 21
Kit-7 4.0 8 8 3 2 2 1 33x14x5 20x20x23 24
Kit-8 6.75 9 9 4 4 1 33x14x5 25x25x15 25x25x15 27
Kit-9 2.50 5 5 1 33x7x5 20x20x23 15
Kit-10 12.0 16 16 4 8 4 33x7x5 33x14x5 25x25x15 25x25x15 25x25x15 48
Kit-11 9.0 12 12 4 6 2 33x14x5 25x25x15 25x25x15 36
Kit-12 6.0 12 12 4 6 2 33x14x5 20x20x23 20x20x23 36
Kit-15 11.25 15 15 4 8 3 varies varies varies varies varies 45
Kit-20 15.0 20 20 4 10 6 varies varies varies varies varies 60
Kit-24 18.0 24 24 4 12 8 varies varies varies varies varies 72


Information shown above has been supplied by the manufacturer, and is as accurate as possible (errors and omissions excepted), however they are intended only as a guide. *The free delivery service covers most of England, Wales and Southern Scotland (mainland only) and unfortunately delivery is not available overseas at present. Outlying areas may be subject to additional charges, please check before ordering.

Delivery lead time shown is typical for most areas, however this is approximate and cannot be guaranteed, so please check before ordering if delivery time is critical.