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A1 RoofVENT Easy-Fit Shed Roof Skylight (Acrylic)



A1 RoofVENT Easy Fit Roof Window (Acrylic)

The A1 RoofVENT (Acrylic) is an easy-to-fit opening skylight window which provides natural light and a ventilation solution for traditional, felt-roofed wooden garden sheds and summerhouses. It’s simple design means that this skylight window is ideal for DIY fitting requiring no silicone or sealant to maintain its weather integrity. The A1 RoofVENT (Acrylic) window comes with a robust, extruded aluminium frame c/w a powder-coated finish, glazed with lightweight, but extremely tough acrylic glazing, and is designed to be tough and durable in all environments. It weighs less than 4kg, and is suitable for fitting to any thickness of roof material and any design of building including sheds, workshops, summerhouses, garden offices, garages and log cabins. An optional security lock can be fitted when open or closed, allowing the window to be left open when unattended. Also, this unit can be fitted with an optional solid brass screw jack for maximum adjustment and security. An EPDM leaf-guard is fitted as standard.

The A1 RoofVENT is also available with single or double-glazed BS Kitemarked Toughened Safety Glass.

DELIVERY IS FREE OF CHARGE. Please click here to download the assembly instructions.


  • FITTED FROM THE INSIDE (no need to climb on roof)
  • Approximate size 50x50cm
  • Self-sealing frame doesn’t require additional sealant
  • Virtually unbreakable acrylic glazing
  • EPDM leaf guard prevents unwanted build-up of debris
  • Ideal for DIY retro-fitting
  • Fully weather tight
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • Skylight includes all fixings and trims
  • Optional security lock and solid brass screw jack
  • Suits all TGB Garden Buildings and A1 Sheds (& many more)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is the minimum and maximum roof pitch the window can be fitted to?
A: The window can be fitted to any pitch from 5° to 45°.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum thickness of roof material the window can fit to?
A: The skylight comes with 40mm bolts to fit a timber thickness up to 15mm, however we can also supply 50mm bolts for timber up to 25mm.

Q: What size is the window?
A: The window is approximately 50x50cm on the outside.

Q: What space do I need between the rafters on the roof?
A: There needs to be a minimum space of 500mm between the rafters to accommodate the width of the skylight window.

Q: My roof is OSB is this still suitable?
A: Yes, the window can be bolted to any material including OSB, chipboard, tongue & groove, or wooden planks.

Q: What about structural integrity?
A: The window is made from robust extruded aluminium and is securely bolted so there is no loss of structural integrity.

Q: Do I need any special tools or skills to fit one?
A: No special skills or tools are required, and any competent DIYer can install the window in less than 2 hours.

Q: Do I have to climb on the outside of my roof to install?
A: No, you definitely don’t need to climb on your roof, the window can be entirely installed from the inside.

Q: Where is the best place to fit my window?
A: Ideally, as near to the top ridge line as possible. Make sure it doesn’t cross a vertical joint in your felt line or clash with an internal purlin.

Q: My felt runs horizontally. Is this OK?
A: Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to fit the window across horizontal felt lines.

Q: Can I fit more than one window to my workshop?
A: Yes, the more the better.

Q: How secure is the window?
A: The window is held closed by a standard casement stay, and can’t be opened from the outside. An optional lock is available for more security, as well as a solid brass screw jack. These upgrades allow the window to be secured against the wind when open, and unattended.

Q: Do you supply the sticky glue/sealant with the kit?
A: Yes, you don’t need any additional sealant or glue to install the skylight as it comes with an oil based compression gasket which ensures a good seal.