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A1 ShedBAR™ Shed Door Security Bar

A1 ShedBAR™ Shed Door Security Bar is a very strong, reversible locking security bar lock for shed and workshop doors of all sizes.


A1ShedBAR™ Shed Door Security Bar

This shed door security bar is extremely strong. It is made from 10mm thick solid steel, which has been hot-dip galvanised to stay weatherproof for up to 25 years. It is available in 7x sizes – 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m, and is suitable for single or double shed doors measuring up to 2800mm wide (with bespoke sizes being available if required).

The A1 ShedBAR is one of the simplest to fit, easiest to use, and strongest shed door security bars available today, with each bar being made from 40mm wide x 10mm solid steel. Each supporting bracket is 40x40x110mm and is crafted from a single piece of 5mm thick steel, and is supplied with FREE M6x60mm cup-squared steel security bolts.

Depending on the length of the bar, you’ll receive 2, 3 or 4 brackets as standard, but for even more strength, additional brackets can be purchased to create an effective thickness of 10mm. There is an oval hole (approx.15x30mm) in one end of the security bar to accept a padlock (not supplied). The A1 Shed Door Security Bar is suitable for any building (wood or metal) with outward opening hinged doors.


  • FREE UK delivery* (not available outwith the UK) 
  • Trouble-free security with 25-year guarantee
  • Ultra-strong 40mm x 10mm solid steel bar
  • Larger 15x30mm oval hole accepts larger padlocks****
  • Available in 7x different sizes to suit any shed door
  • Custom sizes can be made-to-order (includes 3000mm bar) however please allow extra time**
  • Extra brackets available for increased strength on wider doors
  • FREE M6 x 60mm security bolts and large washers
  • Easy DIY fitting
  • Reversible bar allows padlock to be fitted to the left or the right side
  • Highly effective visual deterrent
  • Can be fitted to span the door hinges too


Easy To Use

You can slide the A1 ShedBAR right out of it’s brackets if you have the room, but the easiest way is to pivot it at it’s hinge end. That way you don’t need to remove the bar completely. You can see exactly how to do this on our video below. 



Quality Construction

Each A1 Shed Door Security Bar is made from heavy 40mm x 10mm hot-dip galvanized steel. The shed bars are extremely heavy, with even the lightest bar weighing in at well over 3kg!

The 10mm thick bar is forged into an L-shape at one end to allow it to be pivoted out of the bracket if required. This ingenious design means only one padlock is required, and a large 15mm x 30mm hole**** fits the majority of padlocks with ease.

2022 07 27 12.16.192022 07 27 12.18.10

Zero Maintenance

Each security shed bar is hot-dip zinc-galvanized, and has a manufacturers 25-year guarantee. No maintenance required!

Straight-forward Assembly

The A1 Shed Door Security Bar is easy to fit. Just position your brackets, drill 6mm holes, and fit into position with M6 bolts. You can use any bolt length you wish, however we supply them with FREE M6x60mm bolts  and large washers which are normally suitable for most sheds. The bar slides into place then you secure it with a padlock (optional). The security bar itself is is designed with a unique lip at one end (see above), allowing it bar to be angled into position. This is ideal if your shed is located between two obstacles.

Top Tip: Wider bars come with one or two extra brackets which can be screwed to the the face of your door/s. This will dramatically increase the strength of your shed doors, and its security.

The brackets can be reversed to allow more room for larger doors (see recommended sizes below), however please note that the door may not open fully, and your padlock may not sit comfortably. Please check that the length of bolts are going to be appropriate for your shed, as you will need to purchase longer bolts if you have heavy framing.


a1 shedbar bracket layout diagram 853x853mm


Additional brackets are available for extra strength… they can be positioned along the length of the bar, or back-to-back at either end, creating an effective bracket thickness of 10mm (see below).

2022 07 27 10.31.14shedbar brackets back to back



Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any queries regarding the dimensions, or if you require exact sizes.

Model Material Bar Dimensions Suits Door MAXIMUM Suitable Door Width*** Brackets Gross Weight
A1ShedBAR™ Ref. No. Galvanised Colour Length Width Thickness Oval Hole**** Width Layout (A) Layout (B) Layout (C) Qty Included (approx.)
Shed Bar-1 SB1000 Steel Zinc 1000mm 40mm 10mm 15x30mm <700-950mm 880mm 915mm 950mm 2 5kg
Shed Bar-2 SB1200 Steel Zinc 1200mm 40mm 10mm 15x30mm 900-1150mm 1080mm 1115mm 1150mm 2 6kg
Shed Bar-3 SB1500 Steel Zinc 1500mm 40mm 10mm 15x30mm 1100-1450mm 1380mm 1415mm 1450mm 2 7kg
Shed Bar-4 SB1800 Steel Zinc 1800mm 40mm 10mm 15x30mm 1400-1750mm 1680mm 1715mm 1750mm 3 8kg
Shed Bar-5 SB2000 Steel Zinc 2000mm 40mm 10mm 15x30mm 1700-1950mm 1880mm 1915mm 1950mm 3 10kg
Shed Bar-6 SB2500 Steel Zinc 2500mm 40mm 10mm 15x30mm 1900-2450mm 2380mm 2415mm 2450mm 4 13kg
Shed Bar-7 SB3000 Steel Zinc 3000mm 40mm 10mm 15x30mm 2400-2950mm 2880mm 2915mm 2950mm 4 16kg


Information shown above has been supplied by the manufacturer, and is as accurate as possible (errors and omissions excepted), however they are intended only as a guide and sizes may vary slightly.

*The delivery service covers most of England, Wales and Southern Scotland (mainland only) and is not available overseas at present. Delivery lead time shown is typical for most areas, however this is approximate and cannot be guaranteed, so please check before ordering if delivery time is critical. There is no additional charge for delivery of extra brackets when ordered at the same time as your A1ShedBAR™, however a delivery charge will apply if ordered separately.

**Bespoke lengths (includes 3000mm bar) will take longer to make and galvanize, therefore please add at least 7-days onto your chosen delivery time.

***For the best user experience, the brackets should be positioned in the recommended position (Layout A), however you can turn the brackets around to gain another 35mm (B) or 70mm if required (C), although this will impact on how far you can open your door, and the size of padlock you need to use.

NOTE: All bars are supplied galvanized, without any branding or logo. The main image (top) shows a prototype bar with an etched company logo for photographic purposes only.